Energy and Cleantech

The coming years will see rapid transformation as societies shift to cleaner energy systems and we all learn to live within our planet’s resource boundaries.

The challenges are many. Global population looks set top nine billion by 2050 and energy demand will almost double, as more people move out of poverty. Switching to low-carbon energy systems and powering down fossil fuels to limit the damage of climate change, whilst scaling up renewable solutions, is top of the agenda. Plus, NGOs, SRIs, think tanks, regulators and communities all want demonstrable change that reflects their needs of tomorrow.

The MENAT region encompasses many of the largest hydrocarbon producing nations in the world. It is also home to some of the largest and highest profile investments in alternative energy anywhere in the world.

We work with leading energy and cleantech firms as an integrated team to build, manage and protect reputations in a fiercely competitive and emotive environment.

Our clients range from the biggest hydrocarbon producers to the cleanest of green economy innovators, to carbon-intensive industries looking to change the game.