Social Impact

Weber Shandwick MENAT’s Social Impact team builds insight-driven communications programmes to drive awareness and engagement on social and environmental issues which are both relevant to our region and fundamentally rooted in the cultural nuances of our region.

We partner with governments, global corporations, non-profits and foundations in the health, criminal justice and environmental sectors to develop strategic platforms and campaigns that engage audiences on issues spanning education, global development, environmental sustainability, public health, social protection and more.

Whether it’s an effort to educate parents about child health and protection, raise awareness about our fragile environment and what we can do to protect it, or tackle Middle Eastern society’s taboos about drug and alcohol addiction, we know how to create content, engage audiences and achieve results We also support selected local causes on a pro bono basis, with our consultants giving their time and expertise to benefit different charities. Through our work in this area, we help to better the local communities we live in.